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Mild and Care Products

Mild and Care Products
Open Tuesday-Sunday 8.30-21.00


Supisa Pinpong - Manager director
Manage every product of Mild and Care and Accountance. She works Meat Product Training Center in Chiang Mai (Thailand) for 6 years. She experts about efficiency ingredient. She is researching about Erythorbate, Nitrate and Nitrate, and Starch.

Patcharee Pattanagul -Consultance
She's study in Master Degree (Chiang Mai University). She researches about sausages making by vegetable oil. She interested in Angkak, Tapioca Starch, Soy Protein Isolate.

Woraporn Pinpong -Saler
He is younger brother of Supisa. He works about dried sea food for 4 years. He experts about keeping quality and nutrition value of sea food.

Mild and Care Shop

We start working about June, 2000. Our shop situated between 7 Yord temple and onto 700 years field street. See it easy! on Green Placard in fron of this shop.

Welcome to Mild and Care Products

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Kat 01-7246687, 053-217705 and 053-892085
Pan 01-7165856
Pook 09-8539230

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