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Mild and Care Products
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Welcome to Mild and Care Products

Mild and Care Products is Meat Ingredients Shop. We sell several ingredient for meat products, meat instruments, get order for meat products and dried sea food products.

This shop are both selling meat ingredients and advising about meat product by expert technician. You can calling telephone or come to us for check price, asking about meat product making, some meat ingredients, contact for teaching or give other information for our shop.

Mild and Care Products
-Nitrite and Nitrate
-Modified Starch
-Mix Starch
-Tapioca Starch
-Wheat gluten
-Nham's ingredient
-Collagen casing
-Cellulose casing
-Plastic casing
-Meat Mincer
-Sausage Linking
-Dried Ka-tak fish with sauce
-Dried Grad fish with sauce
-Dried Prawn
-Dried pilot fish
-Dried cuttle fish

Customer Contact

Supisa (Gate) -Manager director
Tel. 01-7246687, 053-892085, 053-217705
Patcharee (Pan) -Consultance
Tel. 01-7165856, E.mail :
Woraporn (Pook) -Saler
Tel. 09-8539230


Good quality of meat product depent on good guality of meat ingredients.



The best quality is main point of our shop, Every product is clean (purify), efficiency, surely weight and cheap!